Owners Chris and Kerri Bohler

Owners Chris and Kerri Bohler are long-time residents of the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado, which includes beautiful Palmer Lake.  They met while working together at a local restaurant and eventually married while both working at The Villa under its previous management.

In 1996 the Bohlers, along with Mike and Ingrid Elliott, began the B&E, another popular Palmer Lake eatery. The Bohlers continued the B&E  as sole proprietors until 2010, eventually taking over The Villa building, which had  in recent times been the home of several other restaurants, with a goal to bring back fresh, handcrafted food to the beautiful and rustic building where The Villa’s heritage of culinary excellence is authentically at home.

Chef Chris Bohler is truly a culinary artist and a lover of food of all types and origins.  “I love the idea of elegant casual cuisine, where nearly every part of every dish is made from scratch, especially including fresh roasted vegetables made daily in our oven, as well as handmade bread and even desserts.  But we love The Villa as well because we get to have a family business here in Palmer Lake, where we have lived for more than 25 years,”  said Chris.

The Villa Palmer Lake is in fact truly a family business– the Bohler’s four children – Rachel, Hannah, Valerie and Samuel are all employed at The Villa.

“We also enjoy meeting all the people who come here regularly for dinner and for the opportunity to help them celebrate the events that mark special passages in their lives.  We have built long-lasting relationships with customers over the years and our loyal following is one of the things that makes our business especially meaningful to us,” added Kerri.

The Bohler’s brand promise to their customers is simple:  offer fresh, homemade and elegant food in an atmosphere of family and community.  How does it get any better than that?